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By: Tess Thompson

The initial phase of yeast infection starts mostly with digestive problems like gas, flatulence and bloating. These symptoms occur during the stage of conversion of the yeast into the fungal form. If it is not checked at this point, it creates fissures in the walls of the intestines to permeate and spread thorough out the body. Candida symptoms can potentially change from superficial infections to chronic skin infections like psoriasis and ultimately become systemic and affect the entire body including the brain.

The presence of Candida is kept to its minimum levels by friendly bacteria. The factors that contribute to   the growth of Candida include antibiotic overuse, diet that contains high amounts of sugar, carbohydrates and acidic foods.

Conventional medications only provide temporary relief from superficial symptoms like vaginitis, (inflammation of the vagina) skin rashes and gastric problems. They simply kill the yeast once but do not address to the basic problem. As Candida is always present in the body in its benign form, the moment it gets another opportunity, it starts growing and transforms again into its infective fungal form.

Alternative treatments offer Candida treatments that can restrict the growth of yeast as well as address the problems causing yeast infection. The approach of alternative medicine emphasizes the organic or functional relation between symptoms, disease, and its cause. As such they provide effective long term yeast infection treatment that ensures that Candida does not resurface.

Alternative medicine, on the other hand, insists that diet is the primary cause of Candida and it should first be changed and the colon cleansed - everything else comes after that. The health of the immune system is another area on which alternative therapies lay emphasis while treating yeast infections.

Dietary changes from commercial and sugary foods to natural foods are now part and parcel of any Candida cure. The allopathic doctor who prescribes Nystatin or other similar anti-fungal conventional drugs also insist that you change over to a natural diet and restrict your sugar and carbohydrate intake to the bare minimum. Unless diet is controlled, the possibilities of Candida recurring will always remain.

The key to inhibiting Candida is cleaning up the ultimate source of the problem - the digestive system. Avoid constipation at all costs. Drink lots of water and sufficient amount of fiber diet. If diarrhea is a problem then look for psyllium seeds. It is better to regulate bowel movements the natural way and take antibiotics only if they cannot be avoided. Garlic is a natural anti-fungal herb that also helps with constipation, gas, blood cleansing, and stimulates the immune system.

Supplementation with acidophilus is necessary to restore the balance of the intestinal flora. It will not kill yeast but restrict its growth, clean the bowels, and not let yeast grow beyond the natural limits. Yoghurt, chlorophyll rich leafy vegetables, and alfalfa promote the growth of acidophilus.

Your greatest weapon against Candida is your diet and patience. Candida is unbelievably tenacious and unyielding. If you stick it out and do not let frustration run you over, you will eventually recover without having to use drugs.

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