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The Pluses and Minuses of the Alli Diet Pill

By: Tess Thompson

The Alli diet pill is a lower potency of the prescription weight loss drug, Xenical, (also known as Orlistat). Clinical trials of Xenical reported an average weight loss of 12.4 pounds over a period of six months. Clinical trials also indicated that the drug is stable and effective, leading to significant weight loss by reducing absorption of fatty acids and limiting calorie intake.

The drug restricts the production of the enzyme that breaks up fat. This instantly results in lesser calorie intake as the entire fat content cannot be converted into fatty acids.  It is thus possible to control weight by reducing the amount of fatty acids retained by the body. As the Alli Diet Pill has a lower potency of Xenical, it controls weight loss by adjustments in dosage.

Any drug that interferes with the natural metabolic process has a flip side to it. There are some issues that are being ignored by consumers caught in the recent euphoria. The main reason fro the euphoria is the approval for over-the-counter sale of this drug by the FDA. Since no prescription is now required to obtain this drug, anyone can lay their hands on it without the need for a prescription from a medical doctor.

The drug is not known to work unless there is some amount of fat in your diet. On the other hand if fat intake is not restricted, the results can be fairly embarrassing – you may begin to wonder whether you were toilet trained at all. As Alli restricts break up of fat, the remaining fats find their way out through stools in their undigested stage. This results in bad smelling oily stools. Another manner in which the drug can cause embarrassment is excessive flatulence. Although a natural and harmless release, flatulence can get extremely embarrassing since it is coupled with partial control over bowels.

If you already have an irritable bowel syndrome where diarrhea is a predominant symptom, Alli diet pills can add to your problems to a large extent.

Some Vitamins have a fatty content. The restricted absorption of fats can potentially cause Vitamin deficiency.

The unprecedented popularity of Alli is being ascribed to the growing incidence of obesity. However, it cannot be denied that for many, overweight is more of a personal and cosmetic concern rather than a health issue. Alli used for non-genuine weight loss, simply to get a wafer thin modeling figure, is tantamount to just inviting side effects.

The reported weight loss in clinical trials was achieved in conjunction with other healthy weight loss plans and not only with the use of Alli. Moreover, the placebo patients too lost half of what those on Alli did. And this happened over a period of six months. You can still chose to stick to safe natural weight loss remedies and lose weight naturally .

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