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The Apple Patch Diet

By: Tess Thompson

The Apple Patch Diet is probably the most controversial of all diets. It is the most controversial with regards to the content and the style of administration. It has also been in the spot light due to the manner in which it has been marketed. Touted as a revolutionary idea, it involves a stick on patch, much like the famous nicotine patch, and uses what is known as transdermal delivery.

Among the first few things that are dubious about the diet, is the fact that the diet has nothing to with the fruit, apple. The three ingredients used to make a patch, according to the proponents of the Apple Patch Diet, have ‘known scientific significance’ that can help you to lose weight naturally. These are:

- Garcinia Cambogia extract, a member of the pumpkin family, also known as gamboge tree. It is said to possess weight loss properties.

- Guarana extract, a preparation from the seeds of a woody climber of Brazil, used in making an astringent drink. It has more caffeine than coffee and used as an appetite depressant.

- Fucus Vesiculosus, a common rockweed used in preparing kelp and as manure. Its iodine content is supposed to stimulate the thyroid gland, whose malfunctioning often leads to weight gain.

There is also the Apple Patch Diet that is marketed as a weight loss supplement in capsule form. Instead of the ingredients mentioned above, these capsules contain Hoodia, a desert plant. It is suggested that Hoodia ‘deceives’ the brain to feel satiated to such an extent that one does not even think of food.

The weight loss industry is big business and the increased incidence of obesity in wealthy nations has ensured that it remains so for a long time to come. At the same time, people are now more aware of the side effects of conventional medicine and are therefore moving towards natural remedies. This trend towards natural remedies has given an opportunity to exploit the words ‘natural’ and ‘herbal’ by using them out of context in an hyperbolic manner.

There is no diet, weight loss pill or patch or sauna that can ‘automatically’ result in weight loss. Before believing the magnified properties of natural products or the tall claims of weight loss that are made, it is highly recommended that you do your home work properly. Make sure that you take note of the credentials of the company marketing the product. All medical studies confirm that the only way you can lose weight is by eating a balanced diet and burning fat through exercise. Natural weight loss supplements can only provide helpful aid in that process.

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